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Steampunk hits the Paralympics: Festival of Flame (2012) Gallery

The 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony featured huge metal vehicles and steamy costumes. I created a gallery of images, plus you can watch the whole closing ceremony including appearances by Rihanna and Coldplay below.

Correfoc, Barcelona 2005

Correfoc, Barcelona 2005

The performance was called The Festival of Flame and it certainly lived up to its name. It reminded me of being in Barcelona in the fall when they have their annual festival, La Merce. I got to experience the correfoc (fire run) with some friends in 2005 and I was the only one to actually brave the sparks and make a run for it. (pictured left) La Merce has been celebrated since 1902 and features fire breathing monster floats, drumming demons and human castles 6 people high.

Festival of Flame

Want to see more steamy vehicles? Check out my vehicle gallery here!

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