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Some Delightfully Creepy Collections of Music to Help you Celebrate Hallow-Steam

Whether you need some dark cabaret to get you into the spirit of the season, or some creepy vintage jams to help fuel your writing, YouTube provides a ton of wonderful mixes available for free. These are three of my favorites. Enjoy!


Music to Steampunk By: Lindsay Stirling’s ‘The Arena’

This Live Nightwatch Paradox Performance at the Steampunk World’s Fair had EXACTLY the Right Amount of Cowbell


It was a rainy, muggy weekend for Steampunk Worlds Fair a couple weeks ago, but I still made an effort to check out music when I could. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Nightwatch Paradox, despite the fact that my bustle couldn’t hustle so well in all that humidity. I had this song in my head for like a week straight, and actually showed up during the same weekend just in time for a later performance so I could also help them out with this number and adding more cowbell! That’s right, all the extra percussion for this number comes from Captain Cowbell and volunteer cowbell players in the audience.

Steampunk Short: BB Black Dog “What you Need”

Steampunk meets Phish in this jam band approach to the splendidness of Steampunk.

Music to Steampunk By: 11 Acorn Lane

Music to Steampunk By: Katzenjammer

Katzenjammer is an English-speaking band out of Oslo, Norway and they kick some serious ass. I can’t stop listening to this song and dancing around, and I love their eclectic mix of costumes and instruments.

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Music to Steampunk by: The Copperfield Ensemble

“From the depths of the Captain’s Attic, hidden in the Victorian underworld, came a band of artisans, villains and ne’er-do-wells.
Armed with strings, keys, a shovel and a time machine they journeyed to the 21st century.
Collectively, they became known as ~
The Copperfield Ensemble. ‘The CogFathers of Steampunk'”

Visit their website or catch at their next gig: 12th December 2015 – The Steampunk Experience & Yule Ball The Phoenix, Exeter, Devon

Music to Steampunk By: Spieldose

In keeping with our Halloween theme, I went out looking for creepy Steampunkish music this month. My goal was to find something cool that could be put on in the background at a party to create ambience, and I think I found a really nice 30-minute piece called Spieldose in German, or “Music Box” in English. Check it out!

Bensmusicification on YouTube offers several different collections of ambient music, many of them Steampunk.