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Submissions and Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in a partnership with This site (and this author) is dedicated to promoting Steampunk in all media, including books, film, tv, music, and events. I currently average 4500 views per month by a targeted and dedicated audience, including over 2200 followers. In addition to Steampunk, I am also a general sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast and consume an almost alarming amount of media on all things geeky. For instance, on The Pandora Society website I have written about a Dieselpunk short film and an urban fantasy web-series.There are a variety of ways we can help each other and I am open to suggestions, but here are a few ideas:

  1. Sponsor a post or a series on ForWhomTheGearTurns. I am always looking for new content for my site, and I am happy to work with a partner to create a single blog post or a series of posts about a topic related to Steampunk or the Victorian era. This may take the form of an in-kind contribution, such as a book you would like reviewed or a product that you make, or we can decide on a price for a dedicated blog post or advertisement on a series that is a related topic. For instance, I like to write about the alcoholic beverages that folks in the steam era enjoyed, and if you have a cocktail recipe book you’d like to promote, we could work together to create an ad that can appear at the end of each Booze, Glorious Booze! post. Or I can create a series just for you!
  2. Invite me for a guest post or series on your blog. I am happy to swap articles with other like-minded bloggers, or just to “stop by” your site for a post or two if I can put an image with a click-through link for my site at the bottom. This would not be like a reblog, I would generate content just for you! Check out my guest post on Andrew Knighton Writes for an example.
  3. Advertise on the sidebar or banner. I can help you drive traffic to your own site when you place an ad on mine. Prices will be based on the position, size, and duration of your proposed ad. I have a huge digital library that I can employ to design your ad or I can use your artwork to keep your brand consistent. This is a great way to promote your crowdfunding campaign, performance piece, or book launch.
  4. Commission artwork. In addition to my huge library of images, effects, and fonts with a commercial license that I can use to make you something digital, I create physical works of art. Four pieces will be featured in the upcoming book, Steampunk Alchemy, as illustrations to accompany perfume recipes, and I could create something for your project or your home. My commission prices are on a per square inch basis which includes the price of materials and labor, but not shipping.

For more information about any of these option, or to suggest another type of partnership, please email me at