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For Whom the Gear Turns is Closing, but I’ve got a GIFT for you to say THANKS!

Hello fans and followers!

In case you aren’t aware, I moved full time over to in 2016. Many of the articles and reviews on this site have been updated and reposted to that website already. Plus, I’ve added tons more content both there and on my author website. In an effort to keep from “competing with myself,” I will soon begin the process of removing the material from this site and permanently closing it down.

I am also going to launch a monthly newsletter through my author website starting in November. Subscribers will receive a FREE e-copy of my 150-page reference collection, The Steampunk Handbook. This is the very best of my articles from both For Whom the Gear Turns, the Journal, and guest posts, all in one convenient place. Plus, about 1/3 of it is all new material that has never been posted online. The book includes the history of Steampunk as a genre, tips and tropes for “punking your steam,” and descriptions of various books, movies, and other media in the Steampunk genre to help you find even more to love!

Why give it away for free, you ask? First of all, I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me over the past 5 years as a Steampunk blogger and author. So, this is the best way I could think of to say THANK YOU. So come on over to and put your email address into the bar at the bottom. When the book is finished, I will send you your FREE COPY in both epub and mobi formats!

I am still in the process of doing the final revisions, but check out this awesome cover made for me by P.R. Chase. You’re the first ones to see it 🙂 The goal is to have The Steampunk Handbook ready to send before my appearance at TeslaCon Nov 15-18. Later, it will also be available to purchase, but I’m starting out offering it exclusively as a free gift to my awesome fans. 

Steampunk Handbook Cover

My second reason for giving away this book is that I’m celebrating! Both of my novels were recently picked up by publishers and I am over the moon about it. I’ve already revealed the cover of Riftmaker, my YA portal fantasy adventure coming out Feb 14, 2019.

My official announcement for the second novel is coming up soon, but I’m keeping the details under my hat for the moment so Riftmaker gets a chance to shine for a little while before sharing the spotlight with No Rest for the Wicked, an adult paranormal thriller. People who subscribe to my newsletter are going to get all the details first, so head on over to my author site and put your email address in the bar at the bottom to sign up!

So THANK YOU once again for being fantastic followers, commenters, and sharers over the past 5 years. I look forward to hanging out with over at the Journal, through my author site, or on my Facebook group, United we Steampunk Divided we Fall.


Where to Find me and my Steampunk Shenanigans

As you probably know by now, my reviews, videos, and articles about Steampunk are migrating over to Steampunk Journal. But you may be wondering about where to find news about my own endeavors. I may post about these things on the Journal from time to time, but you can get in on all of the fun of Mistress of None and Army of Brass at my new author page. is LIVE!

Visit now

On this site, you can access my posts about traveling in London, which will soon be joined by historical background on all of the places Viola Thorne visits as she criss-crosses gaslight America in the Mistress of None series. Check out my Steam Tour posts about London.

Plus, you can read a teaser from a chapter out of No Rest for the Wicked every Friday until its release on JULY 1, 2017! Start with Ch 1 now.

If you want to show your support and get chapters BEFORE the book is released, stop on by my new Patreon page. All of my patrons will receive their ebook of No Rest for the Wicked before it is released to the public, as well as extra content such as cover art reveals and additional scenes and stories. My hope is to get enough patrons to start a podcast of No Rest for the Wicked, and to offer every book in the series for early download. That’s NINE books, even if you just contribute $1/month.

But, the New Site isn’t JUST about ME!

You didn’t think I forgot about my fellow Steampunks, did you? Never!

I am also happy to announce a new endeavor, the Network of Indie Steampunks (NOIS). The goal is to bring independent creators together to allow us to pool our resources to extend our collective reach.

Find out more about the Network of Indie Steampunks

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to Steampunk Journal for a MONTH of Giveaways!

Hiya Gearheads!

I am well and truly ensconced over at the Journal now, including being sent on my first assignment to cover an event, the Edwardian Ball in New Orleans! The report will go up over the weekend so my awesome Kickstarter backers get a chance to bask in their exclusive early copies.

April 1 will also mark the beginning of an entire MONTH of daily Steampunk giveaways!!!

Find out more about our fabulous prizes

And I’ll let you in on a little secret. The Steampunk Journal gets lots of search engine traffic, but we don’t actually have that many regular subscribers, and ONLY subscribers are entered into our prize drawings. If you subscribe now you have really high chance of winning something just for signing up to get awesome Steampunk content from the Journal the same way you have here. Plus, even after April is over, we do monthly prize drawings, so the chances to get music, prints, books, and more keep getting better the longer you subscribe.

So what are you waiting for?!?

Subscribe to Steampunk Journal!

(Please note – if you are browsing on your phone, you will have to choose to enter the full site in order to subscribe. The mobile version doesn’t show the sidebar.)

Join me for the Edwardian Ball Mar. 25 in New Orleans


As an Editor for Steampunk Journal, I’ve been offered the chance to report on the Edwardian Ball charity event in New Orleans. The Edward Gorey Trust has been holding a fantastic Steampunk event in California for years, but for the first time they’ve expanded into a brand new city.

I am desperate to go and report on the event and bring you exclusive photos and stories, but New Orleans is a long way away. The Steampunk Journal is driven by passion, not money, so I have to pay my own way, and with the short notice cheap plane tickets are out of the question. I need the support of my fellow Steampunks if I’m going to make it, so I’ve created a small Kickstarter campaign to help me pay for the transportation (room and board will still be paid out of my own pocket). Visit the campaign page.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come!


I am offering early content, extra content, postcards, prints, and discounted advertising on Steampunk Journal to support the campaign. If we reach my stretch goal of $1000, I’ll be able to upgrade my hardware and LIVESTREAM FROM THE EVENT!

Find out more

Now it’s even Easier to Subscribe to Steampunk Journal, Plus get Automatically Entered in Giveaways!


We listened to your pleas, and created a dedicated subscription page for Steampunk Journal. Sure, you can always visit the Journal to see what is new, but if you become a subscriber you will also be entered to win fantastic Steampunk prizes!

We are working with a variety of partners to bring you a variety of Steampunk goodies year-round, but especially during April. We want to celebrate the anniversary of the word Steampunk all month long. Come celebrate with us!


Come on Over to Steampunk Journal for a New Movie Review!


Read my article Cinema for Steampunks: Kate & Leopold

I posted my first new article since officially joining Steampunk Journal, and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it 🙂 I’d love it if you took a minute to visit my new “home” in internetland and followed along with this next step, but I will leave links here for you all over the next few weeks while we make the transition.



Onwards and Upwards! To The Steampunk Journal and Beyond

Hiya Gearheads

I know, I know, I’ve been really quiet lately. For people who have been following me a while, you may have seen this happen before, and it’s a good sign there’s some sort of big announcement on the horizon…Today is no different.

I’ve been writing For Whom The Gear Turns for over three years and I have loved every minute. I’ve got over 500 posts under my stylish Steampunk utility belt, and in recognition of my hard work, I was recently approached by Matt Grayson of the Steampunk Journal. He was looking for a co-editor to help him run the world’s most popular Steampunk website, and when he made the offer to merge our sites into one super site I knew I had to accept.

You heard right folks, I’m moving on over to the Steampunk Journal!

Starting in February, you’ll be able to find my new articles posted at the Journal alongside updated versions of old reviews and articles you may have missed. For Whom The Gear Turns will stay up for a few months during the transition, but eventually I will move completely into my new digs at the Journal.

And I hope you’ll join me!

You didn’t think I’d leave you out in the cold now, did you? There are more ways than ever to hang with me on the interwebs and share in the growing Steampunk community. Pick your favorite or do all three; each has a different focus.


  1. Follow the Steampunk Journal – It’s a WordPress site just like this one, so it is easy to subscribe via email or your WordPress reader. This site began within a few months of my own, but Matt and I cover very different topics. I love history, books, and movies, and Matt does interviews, music and game reviews, and photography, so we have a really complementary balance of all things Steampunk to offer! So if you are in it purely for the Steampunk, follow me at the Journal.
  2. Check out my new author page and subscribe to my newsletter. I’m still setting up this site and editing excerpts to share, but if you are interested in hearing about what is going on with my fiction writing and appearances at conventions, this is the best way to follow along. I won’t inundate you with emails, either. The plan is to create a monthly newsletter that includes excerpts and news about my book-length projects like No Rest For The Wicked, Riftmaker, and my blog-to-book project, The Steampunk Handbook.
  3. Pinmart artJoin the United We Steampunk, Divided We Fall group on Facebook! There are weekly threads devoted to fun topics and tips, plus opportunities to post links to items for sale. The goal is to act as means to get makers and writers in contact with the fans and bloggers they need to succeed, but there’s plenty of fun and silliness there, too! If your goals involve connecting with the greater Steampunk community, then I highly recommend getting in on the ground floor of this new group.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I’ve loved running my little corner of the internet, and I appreciate your ongoing support of my projects and writing. I spent weeks struggling with this decision, but ultimately I believe this is the best way to ensure the future of the content I’ve already created, and to reach the largest possible audience moving forward.

Was there an article I wrote or something I recommended that has really stuck with you? Do you have concerns about the transition or not sure how to keep getting the type of content you want? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

So Excited for PBS’ Victoria to Begin!