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The Christmas Tree in Victorian England: a Steampunk Perspective

A nice little piece of history to tide you over while I work on Steam Tour šŸ™‚

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Art by Brian Kesinger Art by Brian Kesinger

Ā I must now seek in the children an echo of what ErnestĀ and I were in the old time, of what we felt and thought; and their delight in the Christmas-trees is not less than ours used to be.

Prince Albert, 1847

TheĀ decorated Christmas tree came into fashion in England during the Victorian era, andĀ the practice wasĀ spreading to the rest of Europe ā€¦ but the Christmas treeĀ was originally a German tradition. In the early 19th century, the Christmas tree was taken to be an expression of the finer aspects ofĀ German Culture, especially among emigrants overseas. Queen Victoria had someĀ familiarity with the tradition as a child, but it was really the GermanĀ Prince Albert who embraced celebrating Christmas with a tree.

You can follow theĀ popularity of the Christmas treeĀ by its appearance in literature and the media. There was no mention of a tree in the poem, A Visit fromā€¦

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