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Victoria and Albert Museum Part 2: The Clothes

The primary reason I wanted to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum was because I heard about the amazing displays of fashion through the ages. There is a really great circular gallery with men’s and women’s clothing, and right now there is also an exhibit on wedding dresses, though that has an extra charge where the rest of the museum is free. It would be a great place to do research for costumes, both to get visual inspiration as well as great background info. My best pictures were mostly of dresses, but there are lots of great suits, boots and hats for the menfolk as well.

Prada’s Steampunk Fashion for Men

Prada added some Edwardian style to their Fall/Winter 2012 line for men. I think menswear has a lot of potential for subtle Steampunk because suits are always in style, its just the cut and patterns that change. I also noted several very high-necked shirts and collars. Gary Oldman and Willem Dafoe headline this shoot along with Garrett Hedlund and Jamie Bell. Check out the gallery of photos from

Steampunk Couture

Steampunk Fashion at

When I started my steampunk Pinterest board I quickly realized that a lot of the most interesting fashion came from Steampunk Couture. The collections are grouped by season and the selection each season is somewhat limited because everything is handmade. You can check out their Spring 2013 line as well as archives going back to 2006 for inspiration for your own steampunk creations. I included a few of my favorites from 2013 here.

SC gray skirt SC beanie