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Writing Steampunk Women

This is a nice article for anyone who is struggling with what Steampunk means for female characters.

Writers Anon - Taunton's Writing Group

When it comes to genre fiction, women are often sidelined. Women rarely get to be in the sci-fi spotlight and are often cast in the supporting role in fantasy, as the heroes take control. The only place girls get to take the lead is when it’s a supernatural romance and even then they could be overshadowed by their paranormal love interest. However, Steampunk women get to have it all and that’s what makes them so enticing to write.

As our earlier post, 5 Elements of Steampunk outlined, the genre generally takes place in the Victorian period, but can go right through to a post-apocalyptic future and sometimes strays into earlier times, such as the Regency. In addition, steampunk is unusual because it is an aesthetic movement  and a subculture, as well as a literary genre. There is a thriving community of crafters, musicians and artists, as well as cosplayers, with…

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