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Teslagrad – Laws of Attraction

This puzzle game sounds really fun and it has a definite steampunk look.

spoiled broth

PLATFORM: PC – Windows ¦ DEVELOPER: Rain Games ¦ RELEASE DATE: 13/12/2013

Teslagrad says everything it needs to say within the first five minutes. The fact that in spite of this you will play for the next five hours is a testament to the games design.

This is the first outing for indie developer RainGames,but in Teslagrad, they have shown the design prowess of veterans. 2D puzzle and skill based platformers have become a crowded genre in the indie scene, even so Teslagrad manages to stand out with a combination of new wave aesthetic and old school functionality. The visuals reek of modern indie charm and the narrative is told in an all too familiar minimalist build. However, at its core, Teslagrad functions with the trial and error, fidelity based gameplay of a classic platformer.


Set in an indistinguishable time period that is visually reminiscent of…

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