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Gathering Resources

Now that Steam Tour is officially on, I have started to gather resources for my research and articles. I just bought The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories for the ghost stories article, and I combed the free ebook collection on my Surface and found over 30 classic sci-fi books, including all of the H. G. Wells scientific romances. I also just got confirmation that my copy of Hustlers, Harlots, and Heroes: A Regency and Steampunk Field Guide has shipped. Here is the description from Amazon:

Get ready to step into the back alleys of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens’s London, and explore the alternative worlds of Steampunk in this new guide book by fantasy author Krista D. Ball.

Ball takes readers on a fascinating journey into the world of the Have-Nots, and explores the bustling, crime-ridden London during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Discover the world of knocker-uppers (it’s not what you think), mudlarks, and costermongers. Learn how to scrub floors and polish knives, pick for bones, and catch rats. Learn about race and social status, and the difference between a lady’s maid and a scullery maid.

With her usual wit, insight, and snark, Ball gives historical, romance, and Steampunk authors the tools to create vibrant, realistic worlds. Whether you’re an author, a Janeite, or just a fan of history, Hustlers, Harlots, and Heroes gives you a fresh look into the dark past.

I am looking for any suggestions for other reference books about the Victorian era or must-read ghost stories, so if you have found a great book or website on your own Steampunk journey please don’t hesitate to share!