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Music to Steampunk by- The Clockwork Quartet

The Watchmaker’s Apprentice by the Clockwork Quartet

Sir Reginald’s Marvellous Organ

Another winner from Sir Reginald.

Laptop Coffee

Sorry, this is too good! Can’t not share it everywhere!

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Music to Steampunk By- Vernian Process

Something Wicked (This Way Went) by Vernian Process.

Music to Steampunk by- Abney Park

The Story That Never Starts by Abney Park.


Living Steampunk Style- Gangnam Style Parody

Music to Steampunk by- The Cog is Dead

Death of a Cog by The Cog is Dead.

Music to Steampunk by: Just Glue Some Gears On It

Don’t be fooled by the title, this song is actually advocating that people DON’T simply glue gears on things. Thank you Reginald Pikedevant! This song is hilarious and I appreciate the sentiment.