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Let Slip Those Magnificent Gasbags Of The Air!

This is a great look at dirigibles and other airships in literature.


There are lots of technologies out there that sound wonderful on paper, but never make it commercially. They work, but don’t get adopted widely. One of them is airships or dirigibles, as they were once known.

But one place where they still do ply is in steampunk literature, a science-fiction genre, set in the past. “A Nomad of the Time Streams” is a magnificent trilogy by Michael Moorcock in which a British army officer named Oswald Bastable is forever lost in time, getting shunted from one version of 20th century Western history to another.

“The Warlord of the Air,” the first volume of the series, is packed from stem to stern, with stately, behemoth airships.

When he’s flung into the future from his own time, 1902—the year Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square, New York, opened its doors—into 1973 A.D., he’s rescued by a silver, cigar-shaped balloon, of the Royal…

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