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Ladies spotted having tea on London Bridge

I think we should definitely stage a tea-bombing of our own during Steam Tour, don’t you agree? Let me know if you would be interested in showing up bedecked in finery (or just out to have a good time) to enjoy a nice cuppa together sometime between Aug 16-Sept 16. I won’t have the supplies with me as I will be living out of a back pack, but this seems like too much fun NOT to try to do during my research trip. Cheers!

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Tea Bombing Two ladies in Victorian outfits set up a table and chairs then had tea in the middle of London Bridge.

A member of the steampunk community posted a link to a news story about two ladies that got dressed up and had tea on the central reservation of London Bridge on Monday morning. No-one is entirely sure why they did and it doesn’t look like anyone has found out who they are.Were they wearing Victorian? Someone has speculated Georgian.

Could it be a PR stunt? Prank? Or they simply got thirsty and just happened to have a full brew kit, china cups, Victorian outfits and a wrought iron bistro table and chairs on them at the time.

Whatever the reason, the term “Teabombing” has been coined and I’m willing to create a page dedicated to examples of it. Well as long as it’s in more sensible areas than…

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  1. Splendid! We would definitely be up for that! 🙂 x


    July 29, 2014 at 3:27 am

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