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Voting is Open NOW for the Collaborative Writing Challenge’s Steampunk Project


That’s right! The top three contenders for Project 7 have been chosen, and now it’s up to the people to choose which Steampunk novel I will be coordinating. Only people who are signed up for the project get to read the excerpts and unedited entries, but I do have permission to share a line from each story to whet your appetite…

          …They were a silent congregation of frozen warriors, just waiting for battle to come and call on them, the Army of Brass… (Army of Brass)

          … There’s only one time period it would have gone to, and we’re going to go back and stop it.”… (Temporalis)

          … The passengers on the beach froze, silent, staring into the trees… (Enigma Isle)

Any of them get your gears going? Sign up on the CWC’s website and we’ll send you the username and password you need to read the starter entries in full. There are only 30 spaces left in the whole project, and the more chapters you attempt the more chances you have to get chosen!


The Steampunk Read-a-thon Starts on Saturday

steampunk readathon

Whole Latte Books is a fun book blog and the author participates in and hosts different sorts of reading-themed events. Sept. 10 marks the kick-off for a week dedicated to Steampunk book and graphic novels, and it’s a great chance to connect with other fans. The rules are simple (anything Steampunk or a related “punk” genre, must be read within the window of the challenge to count) and there are no prizes, but it is a nice excuse to read some great books and connect with other readers on Twitter to get suggestions and read reviews using #SteampunkReadathon. So grab that awesome Steampunk book you’ve been meaning to read or load up your e-reader with some new titles now to get ready for a week of bookish fun starting Saturday.

Looking for suggestions? Check out my Steampunk Books page or the newly added News and Reviews feed in the dropdown menu under the page name.