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Steampunk Fett Makes His Second Appearance in ‘Mask of Vengeance’

A year ago, I posted about the first amazing Steampunk/Star Wars mash-up, Trial of the Mask. Now, sit back and enjoy the sequel!

Steampunk (Meets Star Wars) Short Film: Trial of the Mask

11411877_1048402758538041_9095083533308125160_oSteampunk fans seem to overlap heavily with Star Wars fans, giving us tons of amazing fan art and interpretations of this crossover. I recently ran across the film, Trial of the Mask, which features just such a mash-up. The aesthetic is decidedly Steampunk, but the story is all about Boba Fett on a mission. Based on the condition of the Death Star in the opening shot, I’d have to assume that this story takes place sometime before the events of A New Hope. The production quality is surprisingly high for a fan film, and I think this one really does deserve a watch. According to their website, a sequel, Mask of Vengeance, is in the works and due out sometime this Spring, but for now here is The Trial of the Mask.