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Spotlight on Traders: War Pony Candy Forge

If you see War Pony at an event, make sure to stop by for a free sample if nothing else. Plus, when I was owed $.50 in change, I was offered some caramel instead. What a “sweet” deal, eh? <wink wink, nudge nudge>

Aerolyth Enterprises Ad Artwork

Terry Sofian & co., the folks behind the Hive, Queen, and Country miniatures game, contributed to my Kickstarter campaign for the SteamFest Gazette. In return, I designed them a fun little ad that is reminiscent of old movies and evokes Victorian space travel. You’ll be hearing more about them soon, because their own Kickstarter campaign will launch during convention season this summer.

Check out the blog for Hive, Queen, and Country, and AE soon to come!

Check out the blog for Hive, Queen, and Country, and AE soon to come!

Steampunk Convention Swag Bag Reward

Pinmart artMy campaign is down to less than 48 hours and I have rolled out a special reward here at the end. Three lucky campaign backers will receive swag bags filled with cool stuff I collected at the cons. You would be guaranteed one of my pins and some bumper stickers, plus cool stuff I pick up at as an attendee and at the markets. Between the swag and the newsletter, it will round out the vicarious convention experience. I am just $150 short of reaching a third convention, but I am sure we can make it if you help me get the word out (and perhaps chip in a few bucks?)

Visit campaign page

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The SteamFest Gazette has Reached its First Goal, Let’s push it to the Second!

Hello friends

My campaign for a Steampunk convention newsletter has just reached its initial goal of $750, so I will get to attend the Steampunk Worlds Fair and report back some of the cool stuff I see on this blog. But the only way to get the full scoop is to make a pledge and get your newsletter before time runs out! Plus, attending these conventions will be a great way for me to get started promoting my upcoming novel, Riftmaker.

I have been making some contacts since the campaign launched and I found some ways to reduce my expenses, which means that the cost of each stretch goal can also be reduced. To get a third convention, Clockwork Alchemy, added to my schedule, we need less than $300. We’ve got 8 more days before the campaign ends, and I will be adding some more rewards to keep the party going until the end. Please please please share the campaign with your fellow Steampunk enthusiasts!

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Here is an amended chart of how the campaign will progress.

steam-tour-timeline-goal-1-reached (1)

Get a Spiffy Steampunk Pin, now just $10

These pins are available through my Kickstarter campaign!

Oooooh shiny!

That’s right! 2 weeks to go on the campaign and I decided to roll out my first add-on reward early. So for just a $10 pledge you can get one of these super sweet pins. You can’t always go out in costume, but you can always sport your Steampunk pride. They have a sturdy fastener, so they work great on backpacks or purses, in addition to clothes. And don’t forget, if you want to see your ad on this site, the best way to do it is through the campaign.


The Campaign for the Steamfest Gazette is now Live! (Plus Tips for Making a Campaign Video)

Alright, so I know our theme this month is DIY, but sometimes you also need a little help from your friends. 🙂 Crowdfunding through sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo is one of the ways that Steampunk makers find the support (not to mention the funds) to make their dreams come true.

I have just launched my second Kickstarter campaign for The Steamfest Gazette, which is both similar to and different from Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London. But, why tell you when I can show you? Take a gander at my video below or visit the campaign page for more info, including how to get your hands on a “United we Steampunk, Divided we Fall” pin.

I have spent a lot of time and energy both on my own campaign and combing through the campaigns of other Steampunk enthusiasts. I will be bringing you lots of resources this month related to the planning, launch, and snazzification of your own Kickstarter campaign including making your video and creating slick graphics (without needing to be a Photoshop aficionado or needing to buy expensive software). Today, let’s talk about the video.

Compared to my first campaign video, this one is a vast improvement. I didn’t know anything about video editing the first time around, so I had to keep my script short enough that I could have it memorized (or at least well ad-libbed). This meant I had about one minute to get all the information in without stumbling over my lines. This time, I found some advice through an amazing website called Shillshare. I have actually signed up for the a paid account, which gives me access to something like 2,500 instructional videos, but the one I used to get advice for making my Kickstarter video is one of the free ones that anyone can watch. The teacher is Nick Paonessa, and he makes videos, including Kickstarter campaign videos, for a living. You can get access to his video, “Crowdfunding Video Creation: From Kick to Start” by signing up for a free account. (But, if you are interested in getting a paid account, let me know and I can send you a referral link. We both get free stuff that way)

I didn’t follow his advice to the letter (for instance, he says no video should exceed 90 seconds and mine is over two minutes) but I did glean some useful info. The most important tip that I followed involved the structure of my video. Paonessa says that you should start and end your video with a direct appeal right to the camera, but the middle can, and should, have other footage or images. This way you can have at least 30 seconds where you are reading a script rather than having to remember everything and deliver it.

“But, how do I add images?” you ask. There may be software already on your computer that will help you edit your video like pro! For instance, did you know that there is a way to edit videos in Photoshop? I used software called PowerDirector 12, which is an extension of Cyberlink, and it came as a free download with my new HP laptop. But, there are other platforms out there that you can download for free and they have very easy interfaces. even comes with its own rudimentary editing interface. It turns out those “YouTube stars” don’t actually know all that much more than you do!

So now that I have a little bit of knowledge under my belt, you can bet that you will be seeing more videos here on the site.

Have you ever made a Steampunk video, for a campaign or otherwise? I’d love to include them in my reader gallery at the end of the month, so send ’em my way at if you’d like to participate!

United we Steampunk, Divided we Fall

This time last year I was working on some designs for pins that I submitted as part of a contest through The Pandora Society. Unfortunately, the contest did not end up happening, so my designs languished. Until December that is…

Pinmart art

With the help of the good folks over at, I got to take the next step with my design and get the pins actually made! I wanted to create a sort of sigil that encompassed different aspects of Steampunk. The costumers are represented by the scissors, the makers are the wrench, and the writers are the quill and ink.

Looking to get your hands on one of these spiffy, 1.25″ lapel pins? They will be available through my Kickstarter campaign that will launch in February. So stay tuned with more info as we get closer to launch!