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MemePunk: Arts ‘n’ Crafts

We can’t let the readers and the writers have all the meme-y fun, can we? So here’s a tribute to you artsers and crafters, you dreamers and doers, you marvelous makers.


Memepunk: Writing Encouragement

From time to time, a writer just needs a little encouragement. The type of encouragement will vary from tough love to a good snuggle depending on the writer or even the kind of day he or she is having. So take a look at this gallery of memes meant to inspire your inner Poe or Bronte, and see if you can find one that works for you!

And feel free to leave your own inspirational quotes or tips in the comments.

MemePunk: Reading

A huge segment of the Steampunk community consumes their favorite pastime through books, so it felt right to devote a post to reading memes. Enjoy this selection, and feel free to post links to others you like in the comments!

MemePunk: Nikola Tesla

While I was looking for Tesla memes, I found it really interesting how many serious ones there were. My intention was to post funny things, but compared to the factual anecdotes that extolled his virtues as both a scientist and a human being, they were hard to find. I also couldn’t resist a little tribute to the late, great, David Bowie by posting his portrayal of Nikola Tesla in the 2006 film The Prestige.


MemePunk: Joseph DuCreux

Ducreux1While doing research for my “Make ’em Laugh” article at the beginning of the month I ran across a hilarious series of memes featuring a portrait of Joseph DuCreux (1735-1802). He was an artist working in France and pushed the boundaries of portraiture during his lifetime. Though his poses may not seem unusual now in this era of quick photos and selfie sticks, natural or comedic poses were not at all the norm in his day. He did the painting of himself at left in 1792, but it recently burst onto the interwebs as a hilarious image for memes. People began pairing his picture with old-timey rewrites of song lyrics, and the result is totally giggle-worthy.

Can you guess that tune? If not, hover over the image and I provided the text of the original lyrics. Here are my faves:

But the memesters couldn’t leave it alone, so crossover memes and references to other pop culture started to show up as well.

I read a great article about how why the meme became so widespread, along with where to view some of DuCreux’s paintings. Check it out.

Memepunk: The British

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For this installment I decided to go with a loose theme that mostly refers to the politeness of Brits. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

MemePunk: Cats

It’s time to celebrate those stars of the internet, cats! They certainly haven’t escaped being a part of Steampunk memery. Want to see more? You can check out my first MemePunk gallery and my post of mechanical cats.

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Welcome to the First Installment of “MemePunk”

You can meme pretty much anything, and Steampunk is no exception. During this new series I scour the interwebs to find funny (and sometimes critical) pictures with captions about Steampunk and things Steampunk fans will enjoy. Here is a collection that simply try to explain Steampunk with a single image (and one about Dieselpunk for good measure).

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Because of the viral nature of memes, it is often difficult to give credit to the creators. If you know who I can attribute and image to please leave me a comment!