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Memepunk: The British

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For this installment I decided to go with a loose theme that mostly refers to the politeness of Brits. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

MemePunk: Cats

It’s time to celebrate those stars of the internet, cats! They certainly haven’t escaped being a part of Steampunk memery. Want to see more? You can check out my first MemePunk gallery and my post of mechanical cats.

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Welcome to the First Installment of “MemePunk”

You can meme pretty much anything, and Steampunk is no exception. During this new series I scour the interwebs to find funny (and sometimes critical) pictures with captions about Steampunk and things Steampunk fans will enjoy. Here is a collection that simply try to explain Steampunk with a single image (and one about Dieselpunk for good measure).

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Because of the viral nature of memes, it is often difficult to give credit to the creators. If you know who I can attribute and image to please leave me a comment!