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Where to Find me and my Steampunk Shenanigans

As you probably know by now, my reviews, videos, and articles about Steampunk are migrating over to Steampunk Journal. But you may be wondering about where to find news about my own endeavors. I may post about these things on the Journal from time to time, but you can get in on all of the fun of Mistress of None and Army of Brass at my new author page. is LIVE!

Visit now

On this site, you can access my posts about traveling in London, which will soon be joined by historical background on all of the places Viola Thorne visits as she criss-crosses gaslight America in the Mistress of None series. Check out my Steam Tour posts about London.

Plus, you can read a teaser from a chapter out of No Rest for the Wicked every Friday until its release on JULY 1, 2017! Start with Ch 1 now.

If you want to show your support and get chapters BEFORE the book is released, stop on by my new Patreon page. All of my patrons will receive their ebook of No Rest for the Wicked before it is released to the public, as well as extra content such as cover art reveals and additional scenes and stories. My hope is to get enough patrons to start a podcast of No Rest for the Wicked, and to offer every book in the series for early download. That’s NINE books, even if you just contribute $1/month.

But, the New Site isn’t JUST about ME!

You didn’t think I forgot about my fellow Steampunks, did you? Never!

I am also happy to announce a new endeavor, the Network of Indie Steampunks (NOIS). The goal is to bring independent creators together to allow us to pool our resources to extend our collective reach.

Find out more about the Network of Indie Steampunks

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