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Steampunk Crowdfunding: June/July 2016

It looks like a lot of Kickstarter folks must be on summer vacation, because there weren’t all that many projects going at the moment. But the ones that exist look really amazing, so check them out!


Wrath of Anna, Ends July 19

  Watch the video:

Wrath of AnnaI grew up playing competitive games at the highest level, and I have been actively developing Wrath of Anna since July 2015 (utilizing Unreal Engine 4). My name is Michael L. Fiorentino Gutierrez (a.k.a. hamtaro in the gaming world) and I’m presenting to you a competitive FPS with brutal 5 on 5 competitive play alongside other small and large scale combat modes. I have self funded the game up to this point with a small amount of private assistance, and I’m here now to utilize Kickstarter to raise extra funds mainly through pre-orders.  These funds are important and will help provide a more advanced multiplayer early access experience.The early access focuses on multiplayer gameplay; with additional episodic campaigns planned for later release.

My favorite reward: For a $10 pledge you get an early access key to try out the game before the official release, as well as previews before anyone outside of the Kickstarter project.

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 Stars of Empire, Ends Aug 11

  Watch the video:

Stars of Empire bugsIn 2016, a game publisher called Black Pigeon Press and I put out a Victorian Science Fiction Role Playing game titled Stars of Empire. We used their game engine and my Hive, Queen, and Country (HQC) setting. This fusion provided gamers with a tabletop experience where they could be challenged by the story and not by the rules. Unfortunately Black Pigeon Press closed its doors. Instead of letting the Hive, Queen and Country Universe just die I formed Aerolyth Enterprises LLC and began self publishing. With the help of a number of friends and a successful Kickstarter we’ve been able to produce a miniatures game and two source books. Now we would like to come full circle. With your help we will produce two core books, one for Referees and one for Players.

My favorite reward: For a $40 pledge you get the full library of 6 books minimum, and any additional books that get funded as stretch goals.

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Forbidden Two, ends July 9

Watch the video:

Forbidden twoOur team consist of independent filmmakers. We hope to raise a modest goal to make this project come to life!  Right now we are aiming to make the Pilot episode as a “proof of concept” with the hope of shopping the show around and eventually moving onto a full season. Why Not a Web series? For us, “Forbidden Two,” is an immersive and lavish world, and with the complexity of the story, we don’t feel that a web series format would do the show justice. This is why we are aiming to create the pilot.

My favorite reward: For a $50 pledge, backers get a special screening (either over the internet or in person), plus cool rewards at lower levels like coloring pages based on the concept art and soundtrack.

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