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The SteamFest Gazette has Reached its First Goal, Let’s push it to the Second!

Hello friends

My campaign for a Steampunk convention newsletter has just reached its initial goal of $750, so I will get to attend the Steampunk Worlds Fair and report back some of the cool stuff I see on this blog. But the only way to get the full scoop is to make a pledge and get your newsletter before time runs out! Plus, attending these conventions will be a great way for me to get started promoting my upcoming novel, Riftmaker.

I have been making some contacts since the campaign launched and I found some ways to reduce my expenses, which means that the cost of each stretch goal can also be reduced. To get a third convention, Clockwork Alchemy, added to my schedule, we need less than $300. We’ve got 8 more days before the campaign ends, and I will be adding some more rewards to keep the party going until the end. Please please please share the campaign with your fellow Steampunk enthusiasts!

Webpage link:
Twitter shortlink:

Here is an amended chart of how the campaign will progress.

steam-tour-timeline-goal-1-reached (1)

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