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Let’s Get Digital – Freebie Graphics Resources

Over the past few months I have been on the hunt for cheap or free graphic design resources to help feed my new Adobe creative suite addiction. I love to make art, but I have problems with my joints that make the fine motor movement of traditional arts like drawing painful. One outlet for my creativity is my paper engineering, and now I am also trying my hand at the world of digital arts. It turns out there are a lot of amazing sites and creators out there who give away material in order to entice people to take the next step and buy other products and services they offer.

Inky Deals

logoFor starters, their logo is pretty much the cutest octopus EVER. And the bundles and free downloads at Inky Deals website are awesome. I have been visiting this site regularly for so long I don’t even remember how I found it in the first place. If you are into graphic design, or think you might want to be, you should definitely sign up for their mailing list. They offer deeply discounted packages of fonts, Photoshop brushes, clipart, vectors, templates, and mock-ups of everything from mugs to magazines. And if you are on the mailing list, you also get the heads up when they have free downloads as well. Many of the packages have free samples, which all come with commercial licenses even though they are free. The files were too big to embed in this post, but here are the links to get your free downloads. Click on the links and scroll down a little until you see the button marked “Download Now.”

Jumbozilla Deal Freebies

Massive Colossal Deal Freebies

Megalicious Deal Freebies

Plus, the mailing list lets you know when they have specials, such as one where I got over $45,000 in design resources for $14.99. I kid you not, $14.99!!! That is so much awesomeness I haven’t even finished downloading it all. And sure, not everything you get is going to be strictly Steampunk or neo-Victorian, but when you sign up for the list they have you fill out a little survey about the kinds of materials you are interested in. Right after I did, they sent me a really great package to look at that included vintage type faces and seamless damask wallpaper patterns.

This is my most recent creation using things I downloaded from Inky 🙂

Phoebe Cover Photo Abstract


Creative Market

I only recently discovered this one, but it is another awesome source of free downloads. Once a week, the folks behind this site post at least 5 different free downloads with commercial licenses. The ones this week are a bit too modern for Steampunk, but I got a really sweet set of Photoshop brushes that make things look rusty in the past few months, and I usually find something worth downloading every week. They put up the new stuff every Monday, and if you sign up for their e-mail newsletter they will even remind you to visit the site and get your free stuff.

Their blog is also full of great information for dealing with design issues such as making memes and GIF files, and making backgrounds with a smooth gradient from one color to the next.

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  1. if you want a ton of free resources on various licenses check Deviantart


    February 19, 2016 at 9:11 am

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