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Do you Want to Make a Flowchart?

In keeping with our theme of empowering people to make stuff themselves, I wanted to share a cool site I used to help me make graphics for my Kickstarter campaign. Here is the finished product.

steam-tour-timeline (2)

I made this on a site called Piktochart. I started with an infographic template and then used the images and fonts they have built in. To make the map at the bottom, I just chose “Add Map” and I was able to color code it to correspond to my project using the colors I had chosen. If I had wanted to I could also have uploaded my own pictures or artwork, but I found everything I needed right there on the website. I think I spent maybe 40 minutes making my flowchart, and that included the time it took to learn how to use the site, so I am sure when I go back to make another one it will be even faster. It was certainly easier than Illustrator or Photoshop! The user interface is very straightforward, and if you are used to WordPress you wouldn’t have any trouble with it.

Signing up is free, though they do have a paid option if you want some other file format besides PNG or JPG, or to unlock some other features, but even with just the free version you can make some really cool stuff. You can also use it to make a presentation with slides and to lay out a poster or flyer.

Pinmart artAnd if you’ve got minute, please visit my Kickstarter page for the Steamfest Gazette and share it on your networks. If the project gets funded that will mean tons a great content for this blog even if you don’t want to pledge enough to get the Steamfest Gazette itself.

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