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Steampunk New Years Resolutions

Diageo-Steampunk-Photography-02The Mad Scientist

  1. Finish that split personality potion I’ve been working on.
  2. Get a new assistant. Maybe a little guy with a limp…
  3. Take over the world.





airship_riderThe Airship Pirate

  1. Switch to earth-friendly aether-power
  2. “Acquire” new goggles
  3. Pillage





4bea3bd953ec7d2d2717d41348890671The Debutante

  1. Sharpen razor wit
  2. Master the art of walking in a crinoline
  3. Sign up for umbrella fencing class






4a3290a4cd99294cade4fda4f17599b8The Adventurer

  1. Find investors
  2. Discover something cool
  3. Convince them to reinstate me into her Royal Geographical Society even in light of “the incident”




By Cliff CrampThe Inventor

  1. Tinker more
  2. Worry less
  3. YOLO

Can you think of more to add? Comment below!

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