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Just in Time for the Harvest, Check out my “Pumpkin” Altered Canvas

Fall is my favorite season. The spiced aromas, the chill in the air, the crunching leaves; I love it all! In Northern California where I currently reside we don’t really get leaves changing like I did back in Minnesota. It is more like a tapestry of rolling, golden hills dotted with stubborn shrubs and conifers.

One of the most iconic images of Fall is the pumpkin, so I decided I needed to make something with a pumpkin to celebrate the arrival of Autumn because California isn’t going to do it for me. I flipped through my book of botanical illustrations from the the Victorian era and found a great starting-off point, (though in hindsight it is possible it is actually some other type of vine-growing melony thing, but in black and white it is hard to tell) and built an altered canvas around that image. I am not a big fan of orange in general, so I had plenty of card stock from different scrapbooking stacks to choose from. I found one covered in little skulls nestled amongst what looked to me like squash flowers, so that is a nice little spooky detail for Halloween.

Pumpkin Altered Canvas

I am really pleased with the results, and I will definitely be hanging it up in my house to bring the harvest season indoors (until it sells of course!). If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind piece of art or referring a friend, here is the link to my shop:

The pumpkin and vine were constructed out of 12 separate pieces, so there is a little bit of dimensionality to the layers. The leaf took an additional 12 pieces and I tried my hand at painting in the veins. Unlike my usual 12″ x 12″ canvases, this one is only .5″ deep, so it isn’t quite right to call it a shadowbox, but it isn’t just a canvas either.

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Is there a plant you are just dying to see me interpret in paper next? Let me know and I will see what I can do 🙂

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