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For Whom the Gear Turns is now on Etsy!

Hiya Gear-heads

I am happy to announce that I have “opened the doors” on my online shop, I have altered canvases, shadowboxes, and handmade cards ready to go and I have been having a lot of fun writing the descriptions. Rather than just saying something is “yay wide and yay high”, I have been writing tantalizing micro-fiction for most of the artwork. Here is an example:

Fern altered canvas by ForWhomTheGearTurnsThere is a box in the attic that is calling to you. It is nestled so snugly you somehow never noticed it before. The hinge creaks as you gingerly lift the lid, revealing an old, leather-bound journal within. You recognize your great grandmother’s name scribbled inside the cover, and each page holds a pressed flower from her garden. An envelope slips from somewhere deep in the journal. A letter written by another hand…


So come on over and check out my mini-stories, as well as my wares 🙂 I will continue to post some of my work on this blog, but I am creating too fast to keep up here.

I also do custom orders, so if you are shopping  for the Steampunk who has everything, consider commissioning a unique piece of artwork!

And as a special thanks to people who follow this blog, I am offering a coupon for 10% off your purchase between now and Oct. 9. On any item over $50 you can save 10% by entering Gearhead10 at checkout.

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