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“Lilies” Altered Canvas

"Lilies" altered canvas

One of the very first altered canvases I ever made was a gift for my favorite boss. She always wore black, white and red, so I when I found a page in a book featuring a water color from the Victorian era of a red flower I knew I had to do something with it. I interpreted the flower shape from the illustration by cutting and layering paper, and built a canvas that used the same colors. I don’t have any pictures of that one, but I have always really like the concept.

Now that I have space again to create, I wanted to go back to that concept again and try starting with black and white etchings. I took this illustration from a 1988 book called The Plant Kingdom Compendium, which is full of scientific illustrations that are out of copyright which makes them a great resource for an artist. My hope is to do a series of these 8×10 canvases which will all feature botanical illustrations as the jumping-off point.

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