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Happily Moved into my New Workspace!

I have been reunited with my art supplies and it feels amazing. During my year abroad my art stuff was mostly in storage, but now that I am in the States again I picked up my paper engineering supplies and I can’t wait to get started. Of course, this room will soon devolve into chaos, I am sure, but right now it is organized and begging to get messy.

At first, this room was going to go to the Mister, seeing as how it is the most office-y room in the house and he is working on his dissertation, but the great natural light and maximum flat space to spread out made it too good to pass up as my studio. Starting Monday 9/7 I hope to be posting about a new piece or technique once per week, so stay tuned for new shadowboxes and altered canvases all year long! Today I got all the cutting and layout done for a piece called “Dandy” that reprises the top hat shape I used in my Steampunk Alchemy piece, “Magic.”

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