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Steampunk Crowdfunding August Edition

In addition to the publishing, film and prop-making campaigns below, there are also two different Steampunk pen campaigns that have both already reached their funding goals. I believe this is the fourth time I have seen pens get funded on Kickstarter, which is very striking considering how many campaigns fail. Even though they have reached their goal, you can still contribute to either campaign if you want your own unique writing utensil, and really, who doesn’t? Visit Steampunk Writes or Steampunk Pens to get yours.

What’s Going on Right Now


Fractal Kat, Ends Sept 14

baac153112567960fd29e0b60abf864b_original“A surreal, steampunk sci-fi comic about magic goggles, milky way missions, and cats in space.

STORY: While Fractal Kat is being written as a complete series, each episode can also stand alone as a mini-story, at the same time serving as chapters of the whole. The realm of possibilities is excitingly vast: Episode stories include the marketing of galaxy milk to earth cats, Readers can enjoy the art and follow the story while simultaneously soaking up intriguing fact bites about science and space, chuckling at amusing wordplay and enjoying whimsical scraps of Steampunk culture and sci fi/fantasy elements woven throughout the strip to give the subtle sensation of magic. The story itself, while simple enough to be enjoyed by a younger audience, can capture even older readers’ attention with its surprising complexity. It is brimming with hidden jokes and wordplay, and rich with enduring themes such as friendship, perseverance, morality and world peace.” Find out more…

My Favorite Reward: $25 donation gets you five episodes of the series (just the first one alone is $10)

The Clockwork Corpse, Ends Sept 16

photo-original“It’s an upper-class, steampunk YA adventure, where high society descends into anarchy after an invasion of the undead. As the hordes of mutant, rotting corpses grow more numerous, the royal resistance wanes, and then withdraws all together, leaving everyone else- from the richest of noblemen, to the poorest of slum urchins- to die. Clockwork Corpse interweaves elements of both the steampunk and dystopian genres, with black comedy as its tone. It’s intended for Young Adults because of the mature themes that I intend to explore. But it doesn’t take itself too seriously, relying a lot on grim, dry humour and sarcastic, almost self-aware characters.” Find out more…

My Favorite Reward: For $7 US you get the ebook in early 2016


Progress Season 2, Ends Sept 4

Watch the video:

Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet… and Jack the Ripper posts on Wikileaks! 

Progress is a period/sci-fi/thriller, a steampunk cyber-mystery.  The Internet culture collides with Victorian class:

  • Cam-whores are Whitechapel-harlots! 
  • Trolls have the wit and drollery of a Mad-Hatter! 
  • Political forums require the use of a powdered-wig to post!  
  • Cyber-Scotland-Yard plants steam-spyware on your boiler-drive! 

When Jack the Ripper’s files are discovered, a Sherlockian hacker searches for clues and gets involved in a conspiracy of crime and intrigue that threatens his life and compromises the whole Empire. Behold the 19th Century Internet: A world of technological wonders thwarted by an oppressive society (pretty much like today).

Watch Season 1 at

My Favorite Reward: For a $10 donation you get the “Ask a Cam-whore” soundtrack, because as they say on the site, “You can never have enough dubstep can-can tracks”. I backed this project and I think you should, too!

Other Cool Projects

McLownHorn’s Steampunk/Halloween Prop Shop, Ends Sept 14

photo-original“We are trying to  increase our inventory and find new products to make and sell for our online store, it is Me  and my wife along with our friends Natti and Tom, in order to be able to bring new handmade products to our virtual shelves we need money, and as of right now that is something that we have little of, our ideas include but are not limited to canvas prints of pictures taken in  New York’s beautiful Catskill Mountains, Haunted house props  that we have experience making  for our professional Haunted house that runs during the Halloween season ( )”… Find out more

My Favorite Reward: $100 donation gets you an amazing Steampunk top hat, which sells for $135 normally

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