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Just Flew Back From Greece (and boy is my EVERYTHING tired)

Hello friends

For those of you who didn’t know it, I have been living in Greece on an archaeological project since June, but that was just the final phase of over a year bouncing around Europe for The Mister and me. I feel pretty spiffy that I managed to keep up my 3-post-per-week schedule for that whole time, but now that I am back I need a vacation! My buddy Andrew Knighton has been kind enough to write me a series of guest posts for next week to keep the Steampunky goodness coming your way while I get a little R&R.

Andrew writes a lot about the craft of writing and the crafting of awesome Lego scenes, but for this site he’s written a 3-part series on Steampunk gaming. I am sure you will love it! Later on I’ll be returning the favor by guest writing a post for him about deciding whether or not to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing, so I’ll give you the deets on how to read that one on his site when it gets posted.

In August you can look forward to two different How to Punk Your Steam articles, a Hats Off! to the fez, a review of another fabulous Burton and Swinburne novel and more!

So until August 10th I bid you adieu and wish you a touch a whimsy every day 🙂

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