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“Time” Altered Canvas is my Favorite Steampunk Alchemy Illustration

As I suspected, right when I got firmly back into my art-making mindset I had to pack up all my tools, paper and adornments and ship them back the US. There isn’t a lot of downtime on an archeaogical project, so I have to put my creativity on the shelf again for a bit. This is the last of my pieces for the upcoming Steampunk Alchemy book. I actually finished this one back in May, but I wanted to space out posting the various illustrations.

"Time" Altered CanvasThe perfume recipe it will accompany is called “Time.” Of course, when thinking about Steampunk artwork and time I immediately thought of a clock, but I didn’t want to go so totally literal and cover the canvas with clock faces and hands. I had been toying with the idea of using the four corners to show the lifecycle of a flower, but then the Mister suggested a pendulum and I loved the idea. I have always been a fan of the early Impressionists who tried to capture motion, so this is a nod both to them and the idea of using a lifecycle to express “Time”. I also chose sepia-tones to give it an old-timey feel.

The image above is more or less the original piece with only the contrast upped, but the real illustration as it appears in the book will likely be enhanced further through various digital effects.

See my other Steampunk Alchemy illustrations: “Lighter than Air“, “Magic“, and “Brass”

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