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Creative Sanctuary: Making Space for Your Imagination

Some great advice from Lisa Walker England about the importance of giving your imagination and craft permission to take up physical space.

The Scrappy Storyteller


Sanctuary / noun: a place of refuge and safety

There’s nothing I love more than seeing where creative people work their magic.

I’m a sucker for those articles that feature old black-and-white photos of creatives in their offices. Some are messy, others impeccably neat. A typewriter might be prominent in one, while in others it’s a snowbank of papers or canvas. Many even feature a cat or three. But all of them do one thing: reflect someone else’s fascinating soul.

As a creative person myself, I’ve always counted space incredibly important to the creative process. Yet for years I didn’t really have a space of my own to do this work. I began writing seriously about seven years ago right after getting married. Our first apartment wasn’t much bigger than the piece of it you see here in this photo from Thanksgiving, 2010.


For the first three-and-a-half years, I worked most of the…

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