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Steampunk Crowdfunding May Edition

Another month, another great set of projects that you help make come to life! Lots of great stuff for game lovers this time.

Here’s what’s going on in May/June/July


SteamBite, ends June 12

SteamBite is a short film currently in pre-production. It’s a Western with Steampunk flare.This is the story of a female drifter named Hope, who’s searching for her missing sister in a town with a dark secret. She gains the aid of a new Sheriff, but also becomes the target of gun slinging outlaws and flesh eating zombies. With the Sheriff’s help, Hope must fight for survival at every turn as she searches to find and rescue the one thing she holds dear – her little sister Annie.


Ironbrass, ends July 2

Watch the video:

 Season 1 synopsis:

A futuristic society, having rebelled from a one-world government dictatorship, has recently been divided into city-states. These city-states have become centers of crime rings and mob bosses. After many years of this, some law and order has begun to resurface. A young professor (Shadwell) takes it upon herself to rid her town (Ironbrass city) from the ruling king-pin whose name is Midas. With Shadwell’s friends at her side, Midas soon recognizes his impending demise. Little does Shadwell realize the consequences of bringing this tyrant down. For once Midas is gone, others (Ying-Yang and Ghoul) are coming!
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Undine, ends June 3


Watch the video:

Undine is an upcoming first person, steampunk based underwater exploration/adventure game. In the game, the character will be able to choose different quests to go on, with completion of certain tier level quests, will unlock higher tier levels, showing new places to explore, harder monsters, and the chance to gather materials to allow upgrading to better weapons, scuba suit pieces, ships, and ship parts.
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Tinker Dice II, ends June 7

Tinker Dice

Tinker Dice II – Unique machinery-themed plastic polyhedral dice, inspired by old machines, steampunk and a bit of whimsy.
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Steampunk Ameryll, ends June 11


Watch the video:

Join our unique Fantasy-Steampunk universe and discover the exciting world of Ameryll. Between the wicked intrigues of the royals, an ever ongoing war and an empress, who is hiding far more, than anyone could imagine, there are numerous areas, that need to be explored. You choose who you want to be from a great variety of classes and races. Everything is possible. An underdog from the slums or an honorable airship captain. It’s up to you. Or just lean back and enjoy one of the novels, that are to be published.
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28mm Steam Horses, ends June 18

Watch the video:

The idea behind this project is to develop a Steam Horse for Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) based games also known as Steampunk. As well as developing the steam horses it makes sense to create a faction of riders, starting with the Stodden family.

Hopefully this is the start of a exciting range of 28mm VSF figures to come from my new company Copper Mine Miniatures over the next few years. I have several ideas for other factions to come if this one works out. Copper Mine Miniatures also intends to produce individual characters as well as factions both mounted and not.
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Steel Wheel, ends July 15

Steel Wheels minatures

Collectible Cards and Miniatures(65mm) for Steel Wheel: A Steampunk Saga. Original Steampunk Characters by: Michael Borge
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Other Fun Projects

Mad City Steampunk Bar, ends June 2

Mad City bar

An old-fashioned themed bar where the Victorian Era meets Buck Rodgers featuring craft beers, great food and fun atmosphere

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