Steampunk inspiration and resources

Gifts for Steampunks

The final piece will likely be sepia-toned

The final piece will likely be sepia-toned

I have to take a little hiatus from ForWhomTheGearTurns in order to finish the first draft and artwork for Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London.  I probably won’t be able to help myself, so you may see a few posts over the next weeks, but for the most part I need to focus on my impending publication. The plan is to have the zine out to my Kickstarter supporters in January, and I am exploring ways to sell it to the general public as well so if you didn’t get in on the campaign, never fear!

As the weather gets snowy and Christmas decor begins appearing in every window, our thoughts turn to the ones we love and finding that perfect gift for the holidays. I have compiled some products, artists and traders from around the web who can infuse your gift-giving with a touch of steam.

Books and Graphic Novels

I have done a lot of reading over the last year in the Steampunk and classic sci-fi genres. Here are my favorites:




Clothing and Accesories

And of course, there is always the DIY option!

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