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I Would Call it a Comedy of Errors if it was the Least Bit Funny

Hello friends.
Your favorite Steampunk roving reporter has hit another couple of snags. The less serious is a missed train which will put in me Lincoln an hour later than expected and may cost me the fashion show at Weekend at the Asylum. My 50lb backpack and I will high tail it to the show from the station but I have no idea what I will be able to see by arriving late.

But the real issue at hand was the day I spent in hospital yesterday because of a medical issue with one of my eyes. The long and short of it is that I have to use eye drops for a month that are going to blur my vision and make me sensitive to light like a computer screen. I will still do my best to take photos and get the skinny on Asylum for you all, but there is going to be a bit of a delay getting it up on the interwebs due to my eye problem.

Ironically, the Kickstarter questionnaire asked me to say what challenges I could face which could get in the way of my project and I said I have an old ankle injury I worried would act up, but that seems to be the only thing about this process that has been behaving itself! I have had three separate health problems in the last month and none of them have involved my feet.

Thank you once again for your patience and know I am still committed to bringing you the best Steampunk England has to offer. It’ll just take me a little time.

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