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Thrice Thwarted

I have been trying to post awesome stuff about my time in London for days to no avail. I won’t say I’ve been through Hell and high water, but at least the purgatory waiting room and heavy rain so far. I’ve been to two cafes in one day, one public library and a bar advertising their wifi, not to mention the numerous cafes without it, and all they have let me down. I don’t think you can sit in a bus shelter in the US and not have wifi access, but apparently the UK hasn’t reached that point yet.

Working on a phone allows me to post text easily at least, so I will put up a book review in a minute. But many apologies to people who were looking for daily updates as promised, and especially to folks who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign. I will keep trying to get my photo heavy posts up asap!

So far I’ve visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Royal Observatory and Longitude Punk’d, the London Museum of Water and Steam, the Cutty Sark, done some shopping recon and been on a Jack the Ripper tour, so there will lots of great stuff to read… eventually.

Thanks again for you patience!




One response

  1. So sorry to hear the British weather and lack of tech are getting you down sweetheart – hope things pick up soon! (Now you know why we’re all so grumpy and drink so much tea!) Big hugs, may see you Asylum. x


    August 28, 2014 at 5:23 am

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