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Just 2 Weeks to Go…

Hello friends!

I made it safe and sound from my stint in Greece yesterday, and I am looking forward to two weeks of concentrated preparation for Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London. In the next weeks you can expect to see a detailed itinerary for the shows I will be seeing and reviewing in Edinburgh, as well as times for potential meet-ups for anyone else who is going to be getting in on all the Fringe fun between Aug 7-15. If you know any Steampunk enthusiasts who will be around the same time as me, please share the love and the information when the time comes.

By Shannon Sofian

By Shannon Sofian

I am also preparing my London itinerary, so this is the last chance to get your suggestions for sites and events you are curious about or you think are a must-see for me during my month in and around London. In addition to London itself, I am also going to spend a few days in Ironbridge thanks to a suggestion by Kickstarter contributor and Hive Queen and Country RPG author Terry Sofian (Thanks Terry!), as well as a day in Oxford, so please share your tips as well!


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