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Steampunk Scrapbook Paper: “Steampunk Botanica” and “Memories Documented”

Diptych 007

I’m stocking up on my shadow box supplies in anticipation of moving to Europe for a year in (eek!) 2 weeks and I found some lovely scrap book paper pads by Die Cuts With a View and Recollections.

Steampunk Botanica by Die Cuts With A View

These semi-glossy sheets have really lovely warm colors and Victorian style scientific illustrations throughout. There are amazing butterflies that almost look 3-D, as well as human anatomical renderings of skulls. About half of the pages have glitter to other raised elements to add. For my purposes, glossy cardstock is always a bit trickier to work with, but I couldn’t resist the style of this pad.

Steampunk Botanica

Steampunk Botanica

Memories Documented by Recollections

Diptych 010

Most of the time I prefer to use matte cardstock and paper because the creases don’t show as much. The glossy finish tends to crack and expose the white paper behind which can ruin the dramatic effect of dark paper. I like to have a lot of neutral colored papers around, especially ones with writing because they are more interesting than solid colors and the writing reminds me of old books and newspapers. This pad had lots of that, as well as several with subtle gloss elements like the stripes pictured above.

As soon as I saw those strips in sepia tone I knew I had to have this pad for a piece I was doing for my parents. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, they commissioned a travel-themed diptych for their new house. I just finished it last night so I am sure I will see them in the light of day and feel the need to fuss a bit more before I am ready to share, but you’ll see them this week for sure!


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  1. Gorgeous designs! I come bearing gifts in the form of the dragon’s loyalty award: many thanks for all your support and for your own fantastic blog – looking forward to the summer tour! – Hope you have a truly splendid week, Bia 🙂


    May 27, 2014 at 4:49 am

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