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You Can Sail Away With The “Alphabet Swoop” Hot Air Balloon Shadow Box

"Alphabet Swoop" shadow box by ForWhomTheGearTurns

“Alphabet Swoop” shadow box by ForWhomTheGearTurns

I am going to be in New York City during most of the last week of my Kickstarter campaign, (ends May 11) so I wanted to quickly make some more shadow boxes to add as rewards for backers before I skidaddle. In honor of being on the verge of traveling, I made another 3D hot air balloon akin to the “Discoveries” shadow box but smaller and so less expensive. Like the “Tarnished” 8″ x 10″ box, you can get this lovely piece of wall art plus the zine and a bumper sticker for a $65 pledge (US shipping is included, $5 shipping fee for outside the US).

I used a combination of matte and shiny paper and cardstock to cover a canvas. I added metal accents like chains and a clock gear on the smaller balloon in the corner, and a spring serves as the “basket” for the hot air balloon.

“Alphabet Swoop”

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