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Think of What You’ll Miss…

Profile pics 029Keep in mind that even if you are only interested in following along on my trip on this blog that I can’t go and write all of those amazing articles unless the project gets fully funded by May 11.

The campaign for my Steampunk travel zine is about halfway over, and I am also just over half of the way to reaching my goal of $1750/1040GBP to fund Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London.

I Can’t Do It Without You!

In-depth articles on H.G. Wells, Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Charles Darwin, Around the World in 80 Days, Egypt in the Victorian Era and Victorian Ghost Stories.

Interviews with London-based authors like Bia Helvetti (new book launching in September!), Chris Wooding (Ketty Jay series) and more

“My Day at the Piccadilly Market” feature piece

“My Weekend at the Asylum” feature piece- This is Europe’s largest Steampunk event and I want to take you with me inside all of the steamy shenanigans!

Reviews of Victorian-themed pubs and tea houses (only in the zine)

Steampunk London Map (only in the zine)

Museum and exhibit reviews chock full of interesting tidbits and factoids about the Victorian era’s weirdest quirks and interests in the occult (only in the zine)

Draft of cover art. The finished piece will be sepia toned.

Draft of cover art. The finished piece will be sepia toned.

Here’s how Kickstarter works: 

1. Go to the campaign page, check out the video and full description for more info.
2. Click the big green “Back This Project” button at the top right of the project description (next to the video)
3. On the next screen you put in whatever pledge amount you would like to make (I would settle for the spare change in your couch cushions right now so really, any little bit helps!) and choose which reward you would like to receive. You can always pledge more than a reward is worth, but not less.
4. Use to put in your credit card information. Your card will only be charged if the project is fully funded, no sooner than May 12, 2014.
5. Dream of the day your reward arrives in your mailbox or inbox!

It’s that easy!

And don’t forget that you can give yourself or some other awesome steampunk book, business or project a shout-out for just a $10 pledge. It’s by far the cheapest I have seen as a way to promote your own Steampunkery so don’t miss your shot for 50 words in the zine.

Please please please make a pledge so that this blog can continue to delight and inspire you even though I am moving abroad for a year starting in June.

If 5% of my followers make a $15/11.40GBP pledge to get the zine and a “My Other Beep! Beep! is a Whoosh!” bumper sticker, I will be 20% closer to making my goal.

And as always, if you could give the campaign a shout out on social media I would really appreciate it! Short link for easy tweeting and sharing:

Bumper Sticker to go with my Steampunk Zine!

Bumper Sticker to go with my Steampunk Zine!



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