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“Tarnished” 8 x 10 Shadow Box is Now Available!

"Tarnished" Shadow Box by ForWhomTheGearTurns

“Tarnished” Shadow Box by ForWhomTheGearTurns

I used a similar color scheme in my first shadow box and I really like the sepia tone and dark green combination a lot. Someone scooped up the “Remnants” shadow box last night through the Kickstarter campaign, but this awesome new box was just posted!

Close-up of spoon

Close-up of spoon

This is my first shadow box to feature a real antique item, in this case a gorgeously tarnished silver spoon. It is proving impossible to capture all of the colors that naturally occur in this patina in a picture, but trust me, the whole rainbow is there.

For a $65 pledge you can get this shadow box, a “My Other Beep! Beep! is a Whoosh!” bumper sticker and a PDF of Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London.

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