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Did I Do Something Wrong?


I thought that when I finally launched my Kickstarter campaign on April 11 that I would feel like I could take a breath. But then I realized how much promotion I was going to need to do and I started to panic. Do I use any paid advertising? How often should I update the campaign? How can I convince people to hand over their hard-earned dollars for my dream instead of a cup of coffee?

But my biggest question is “Did I do something wrong?”

It is really hard not to second guess myself. Both the beauty and the paralyzing fear of putting yourself and your ideas out there this way is that it is all on me. I think the idea for a steampunk travel zine is a good one and that people would benefit from the background information and fun facts. I love the bumper sticker I designed and wish I had one for my old rundown Chevy.Bumper Sticker to go with my Steampunk Zine!

But am I the only one?

If you have thoughts or suggestions about the campaign, people I should reach out to, or ways to stay sane for the next three weeks please let me know!

And of course, I would stop tearing my hair out if you make a pledge 🙂


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