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The Images for “My Other Car is an Airship” Sticker are Looking Awesome

Airship Silohuette by ForWhomTheGearTurns

Airship Silohuette by ForWhomTheGearTurns

The votes are in the obvious favorite for the steampunk sticker slogan was “My Other Car is an Airship.” In my original design I was going to put the word “airship” inside of the balloon, but I decided I like the idea of using images for both the words “car” and “airship” even better. I am also adding a talking bubble to each icon, so going left to right the sticker will actually read “My Other (Beep! Beep!) is a (Whoosh!)”.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting really excited for these bumper stickers! When the Kickstarter campaign goes live you can get one of these for a $5 contribution, providing the campaign gets fully funded of course.

Here is a picture of both of the stylized silhouettes that I drew yesterday. I start by sketching in pencil, then I make a photocopy and do the inking with a combination of markers. The next step will be to scan them and use Illustrator to add the lettering and talking bubbles.

Silohuettes by ForWhomTheGearTurns

Silohuettes by ForWhomTheGearTurns


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  1. Just came across this, quite interesting 🙂


    April 3, 2014 at 3:37 pm

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