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Help me Pick a Slogan!

I recently posted about a steampunk sticker I am designing to give to backers as part of my Kickstarter campaign (launching in April!). If you haven’t seen my Gears Turn Me On sticker yet, check it out here.

I haven’t settled on a final design or even exactly what the stickers should say so I am looking for some feedback.

First, a little more about the campaign. I plan to travel to London in August and visit various Victorian and Steampunk attractions and write a series of articles about the historical and cultural roots of Steampunk. I have lined up a few tentative interviews as well, and I hope to make it to Steampunk Asylum and report back so everyone can join in the experience. Part of the aim of the stickers is to be able to leave them posted somewhere around these sites on a bench, light pole, etc, for others to find when they visit, as well as to give away to cool people who help me out along the way like my interviewees, people who pose for photos, etc. The will be largish, like bumper stickers, so they can be read easily. I had so much fun coming up with slogans, but I want to make sure whatever I do for the sticker is simple and general enough to be appealing to lots of people.

So here are a couple of ideas, let me know what you think in the comments or by answering the survey below.

Option 1: “Gears Turn Me On”

Option 2: “I <icon of gear> Steampunk”. The words would be stacked so “I (gear)” on top with “steam” in the middle and “punk” on the bottom. It would all be in an old-timey font.

Option 3: “My Other Car is an Airship”. The word “Airship” would be shaped like a dirigible.

Option 4: “got steam?” all lowercase, modern font like the “got milk?” campaign

Slogans that didn’t make the cut:

“My Airship Pirate Can Pillage Your Honor Student”
“Mad Scientists Bring A Party To Life!”
“Tea Time is the Original Happy Hour”

Can you think of any fun Steampunk slogans?



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